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I have not recieved my points?

First make sure that you completed the offer correctly, with all the listed requirements. Also keep in mind that some offers are not instantly credited, it might be delayed. If you have done everything correctly and still havent recieved your points after waiting a while, you will need to contact the "Survey Company" you completed the survey with, most of them have a support button in their "Survey Wall".

How can I contact a partner?


Click on the 'Support' button to open a ticket . AdGate recommends waiting up to one day before contacting them.


Click the on "Support" button and create a ticket. AdScend Media will only provide assistance with crediting after at least 24 hours have passed since completing an offer.

Offer Toro

Press on 'My points' and then click on ‘Missing points?’ for the offer you completed and submit a request there.

Click the "Support" button and contact them if you have allowed enough time for the offer to credit and also completed the offer as requested.


Click on the "Get Help" link, then on the “?” help icon for the offer you completed and proceed to the offer inquiry page. Follow the instructions carefully so you can open a ticket.

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