There's a new update available for EsportPoints!

Welcome to Esportpoints Official miner! Please read the instructions below to understand how it works!

Why would you use this miner you may say?

The answer is simple! This is a let it run and walk away solution to make points with no effort at all.

How does it work and how do I get rewarded?

All you will need to have is a Graphic Card (Nvidia or AMD) and a decent CPU in your computer/laptop and you run the miner for as long as you can. what will happen is that your computer will solve the Algorithms provided by the miner with (Graphics card and CPU or by CPU only if you don't have a graphic card which will be slow) and it will start rewarding you for each successful Algorithm block solved! You must know sometimes it might fail in some Algorithms because of multiple factors and some of them are having a bad internet connection or an outdated Graphics Card/CPU, So make sure you have a decent Graphic card/CPU and a nice Internet to secure big REWARDS!


First of all, make sure your antivirus and firewall are disabled (because both of them usually give false alerts about miners) or at least allow the miner in both the firewall and your antivirus as a trusted application

Download the miner from HERE or from the button provided in the bottom of this page.

You will get an Installer called "esportpoints-miner Setup 1.xx.exe" after downloading, double click it to run it and follow the on screen steps.

When its installed successfully, double click the "esportpoints-miner" shortcut you have on your desktop and this screen will show up. Congratulations you got it running!

Now enter your account SteamID that you want it to get rewarded on the site and press Choose SteamID button.

When you see this page press the "START MINING" button and give it a couple of minutes once you see the graph moving that means you successfully ran the miner and you will get rewarded every 10 minutes after the first 30 minutes (which is the benchmark time for stabilizing the miner) for as long as you run it!

Congrats on getting that miner running! Now let it run and sit back watch points add up for all your Dream Skins that you ever wished for! EsportPoints Team wish you the Best as always!

Click the button below to Download the Installer!

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